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Angular Vs React. Which one is best for building a large-scale application in 2021?

As technology changes everyday with drastic new platforms to solve problems more efficiently. It becomes more and more difficult for developers to choose which one is best suited for their project. It is easy for developers to get caught in the battle of best framework. Both ReactJs and AngularJs are the best javascript frameworks to build single page applications on a large scale. Here is a contradiction in my statement, ReactJs is not actually a framework it’s a library built for JavaScript. Both are frontend frameworks but there are some key differences in both of these as mentioned below.

Both angular and react use the concept of components to accommodate the reusability of code.

What is Angular?

AngularJs is a framework developed by Google to create and maintain large-scale applications. The main power of angular is two-way binding and dependency injection. It uses the concept of listeners and subscribers provided by rxjs to update the data. The learning curve for Angular is steep and requires more understanding of the framework to get work done.

What is ReactJs?

React is the Javascript library developed by Facebook in 2013 in response to Google’s AngularJs released in 2010. ReactJs uses the concept of virtual DOM (VDOM) to update and reflect changes before they actually get pushed to real DOM. 

A virtual DOM has the same properties of a real DOM but it lacks the power of updating the elements on screen. Updating changes on screen is slower and takes time, that is why virtual DOM is faster than real DOM, reducing the development time for ReactJs projects.

Learning React is much easier than learning Angular because it gives you the freedom to use a vast range of third party libraries to use with your projects. 

Angular Vs React? Which one has the bigger community

React wins here with a clear distinction of having a much larger community than angular. At the time of writing this article angular has 73.6k stars on GitHub.

On the other hand, React has 169k stars on GitHub and has a much more supportive community than angular. 

According to Stack Overflow, the popularity of both frameworks is shown below.

Which framework should you choose for your next Project?

It clearly depends on your use case, and how you want to structure your application. Do you want the freedom to play around different concepts of implementing various functionalities? Then go for React. If you want to follow a strict framework and securer implementation, then go for Angular.

Having background in both Angular and React, I prefer React over Angular because it gives the power of more compact implementation, and the ability to consider every single element as a component is pretty powerful. I have shifted from Angular to React because of these reasons. 


Looking at the ease, power and scalability React provides, React seems to be the best choice. But you should choose according to your needs. Whereas both frameworks provide similar functionalities I prefer react because of ease and large community at its disposal.

Where do we step in? 

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