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Combining Innovation and Technology

We merge imagination and technology to help brands grow in the age of digital transformation.

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Creative software solutions for your business

We help our clients succeed by creating software solutions that achieve their business goals in creative, yet efficient ways.




Our Technology Stack

React Js

Being the most popular web framework, React Js provides us with a variety of flexible libraries, tools, and ecosystems to build large-scale applications for our clients


Flutter, by Google, is an extremely popular cross-platform app development framework, which allows us to build beautiful and scalable apps in record time

Node Js

Being one of the most used backend frameworks of the time, Node Js enables us to create small to large scale software solutions for majority of our clients

Next Js

Unleashing the power of Server-Side Rendering in React applications, Next Js helps in indexing the content faster, resulting in SEO friendly web apps for our clients

Amazon Web Services

Having an expertise in Amazon Web Services allows us to provide customised solutions to clients interested in large-scale yet cost-effective solutions


A product by Google, Firebase helps us build applications very quickly, which is especially helpful for our clients who are looking for an MVP for their business


Being one of the most popular database solutions of all time, MySQL proves to be very efficient for large applications


MongoDB is a NoSQL database which we often use in combination with Node.js for majority of our apps


Saool – Quiz App

Our client had an existing website with hundreds of thousands of users. We were required to build a cross-platform mobile app for the client. We built the app using Flutter for Android and iOS. RESTful API backend was used for the app.

Argon – Order Management System

The goal of the project was to develop a system where client can manage all the orders at one place. Book the orders, track them and make changes according to their needs. This project solved alot of their problems and the advance reporting system is pretty much essential.

DefinePedia – Learning Management System

The work of this project is in process. It’s a startup focusing on Education problems of students and providing them with a clear and best understanding of their study material.

Food Delivery App

The goal of the project was to make a Food delivery app with clean design. We made the app using Flutter. The development of this app is still in progress.

Course Eagle

The main purpose of the project was to bring students and teachers close. Tutors will be able to help students in their studies and provide them with proper guidance. This website uses PayPal and Stripe Payment Method Integration. It uses ElasticSearch to query from database faster. The Website is deployed on AWS EC2 Instance with CentOS as base system.


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